Patterson and Cooley photo

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Patterson and Cooley photo

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Hey all. This photo is being sold by one of our photographer friends, Chris McKay, why takes incredible shots. He is having serious health issues and needs the money, so he's doing limited edition prints. There are only 10 left. If anyone is interested, his contact info is below.

The Dimmer Twins
March 12, 2010
Variety Playhouse
Atlanta, Georgia
(Limited edition of 20 total 11 X 14 prints, hand-signed and numbered.)
Drive-By Truckers have been my favorite "local" band for the better part of two decades now, even though they've moved on to international success and most of them don't even live here in Athens, Georgia anymore.
When they started out, I took note. In fact, some of my songs, their songs, and John Mayer's songs used to reguarly share the top 10 on the charts for Georgia. Of the 3 of us, obviously, one of us wasn't able to cross to the bigger level with their music.
I will admit that I didn't have the drive to focus on my own music that they, thankfully, did.
When I first heard Drive-By Truckers, they came across to me as some kind of novelty act with songs like "Too Much Sex, Too Little Jesus" and "The President's Penis Is Missing". It was easy to miss the depth of what was there.
In 2002, I was covering the Athens Music Awards for Flagpole Magazine and it was the first time I saw them perform. They started their set with "Sink Hole". The song was a monster. I was hooked immediately and couldn't understand how I hadn't heard this yet. They followed with "Marry Me". Damn. This was real rock and roll. Classic. Catchy as hell. Meaningul.
How could I have missed it? Well, turns out neither of those songs were released yet. They finished up the mini-set with two songs from their album Southern Rock Opera which won that night for best Athens album. Those two songs, "Let The Be Rock" and "Angels And Fuselage" were tremendous. The band, augmented by their brand new guitarist Jason Isbell were a true force with which to be recommended.
The next night, I saw them headlining an outdoor stage during AthFest. This was my first full DBT show and, again, DAMN!
At that show, which was also short (just 11 songs), they added in other unreleased songs like "Hell No, I Ain't Happy", mixed in with "Ronnie And Neil", "Bulldozers And Dirt", "Zip City" and their closing ass-kicking cover of "People Who Died".
But it was their extended rendition of "The Southern Thing" that really stuck with me. For the first time, I heard a band that expressed how I felt about that "duality" with which I'd grown up.
This band was and is special. Over the next few years, I photographed them more times than anyone else. I did an occasional set of portraits with the band, and they used to tell me they liked me because I was so fast, and would just shoot them being how they were, not posing them. I wanted to be in their natural habitat, catch the shot, and be out of their way.
As I moved on to bigger arena shows that I was assigned as a photographer, I saw them less and less live, but I only became more of a fan. Nearly 20 years later, they're one of the only bands that must buy and own any new music from them.
Brad Morgan played drums on two of my songs from the Satisfactionista album and Jay Gonzalez was kind enough to play at a benefit to help me after I got the vertebral artery dissection in a car wreck that's still screwing up my life. I also got to perform Tom Petty's "You Got Lucky" with Jay at the 40 Watt to raise money for children affected by a hurricane in Puerto Rico. At that same show, John Neff joined me and Kathy Kirbo on "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around".
For whatever reason, I always feel connected to Drive-By Truckers personally and just as a fan, even though I know, I'm just a fan when it comes to down to it and I'm fine with that.
I respect the hell out of those guys, in all their forms and lineups, and admire that they are about things that matter.
Love. Truth. Justice. Equality. Soul. Heart.
I know that Patterson Hood and Mike Cooley deemed themsleves "The Dimmer Twins" and have been together since the '80s. When I was photographing them this night in Atlanta, I saw this scene before me when front lighting went out. They appeared, to me, to be in full communication just doing what they do.
The photography gods allowed this brief millisecond in time to capture The Dimmer Twins obscured, and somehow, even clearer to me.
My photo agency rejected this image as being "too arty". Meh. Fine with me. It's always been a personal favorite, so I'm making it available for the first time right here, right now to fellow fans and friends.
If you'd like to reserve a hand-numbered, signed 11 X 14 print of this image, you can do so through PayPal with $50 to Please send a note that it's this print that you would like and make sure I have your shipping address. I should be able to get your print within a couple of weeks total.
There will be a hard limit of only 20 prints made of this image. First come, first served.
The direct link is
Thank you and thanks to Drive-By Truckers and their crew(s) for all the great music, shows, and friendships (miss you, Craig).
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