More Homecoming Tickets available

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More Homecoming Tickets available

Post by Jenn »

Hey guys, the 40 Watt is releasing a few more tickets for all nights of Homecoming so if you know anyone in need, you can tell them to get them on the 40 Watt site. I'm just telling this forum and not social media for now so y'all have first shot.

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Re: More Homecoming Tickets available

Post by beantownbubba »

Thanks, Jenn.
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Re: More Homecoming Tickets available

Post by John A Arkansawyer »

beantownbubba wrote:
Sun Dec 05, 2021 9:41 am
Thanks, Jenn.
Yep. Sure saved my ass!
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Re: More Homecoming Tickets available

Post by dsmith73 »

Maybe everyday is Saturday morning...

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