Dexateens -lots of info here

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Re: Dexateens -lots of info here

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Nice to see some movement from them.
Even better that it was mixed/mastered by David Barbe.
Might as well just put it on your calendar to buy on 7/3 vs. pre-ordering because Bandcamp is waiving their fees again that day.

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Re: Dexateens -lots of info here

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Man what a blistering set this is. Right now it's my favorite record of the year, perfect to crank all the way up on my morning run (it's no wonder I wear hearing aids, lol). Love the little flourishes - the Green Acres theme, the final notes of ABB's Jessica that close out Pine Belt Blues, the answers to eternal questions (Can you whoop it? Yes, yes I can!). The Dexateens clearly haven't lost a step over the years. So great to have this and the Truckers' 2020 HC shows released.
I had my ticket, but 2020 got canceled

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