Patterson Hood 2004/06/06 The Grey Eagle Asheville, NC SBD

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Patterson Hood 2004/06/06 The Grey Eagle Asheville, NC SBD

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Quarantine remaster vol 1

This is the one that hooked me on all things Truckers! I first saw the full band in April of 2003 and liked it but it wasn't till early 2004 that I really got into them having fallen in love with Decoration Day, SRO and some great live recordings! ... sbd.flac16

Patterson Hood
The Grey Eagle
Asheville, NC

source: SBD > Tascam DA-20mkII (house deck) > Tascam DA-P1 @ 44.1khz
transfer: Tascam DA-P1 (DAT master) > Edirol R-44 > PC > iZotope RX 7 (de-clip, edits, fades) > Wavelab 6.1 (crossfade) > CD Wave > THL (flac 8) > Foobar (tags)

new transfer from DAT master 04/2020

recorded and transferred by Gordon Wilson

A Team Dirty South Recording

01. Rising Son
02. Miss Me Gone
03. Uncle Disney
04. The Company I Keep
05. Black Creek Water *
06. Banter
07. Sink Hole
08. I Understand Now
09. Mama Bake A Pie (Daddy Kill A Chicken)
10. Careless
11. Puttin' People On The Moon
12. Phil's Transplant ^
13. Tails Facing Up
14. Uncle Raymond *
15. Heathens
16. The Sands of Iwo Jima
17. Pay No Attention to Alice
18. Wallace
19. Nine Bullets

20. White Knuckle West Virginia
21. Rob Me Blind *
22. Let There Be Rock

Patterson Hood: guitar & vocals
Brad "EZB" Morgan: snare drum
Don Chambers: guitar (whole show) & vocals on * tracks

^ short dropout, crossfade added

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