Patterson Hood- The Earl, Atlanta Sept. 30, 2017

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Patterson Hood- The Earl, Atlanta Sept. 30, 2017

Postby whatwouldcooleydo? » Sun Oct 01, 2017 10:44 pm

Patterson Hood
Red Clay Comedy Festival
The EARL, Atlanta, GA

01 Introduction by Gilbert Lawand
02 Heathens
03 Sinkhole
04 The Perilous Nights
05 Uncle Disney
06 George Jones
07 Wife Beater
08 Tales Facing Up
09 White Knuckle West Virginia
10 Bulldozers and Dirt *

* with Marie Cecile Anderson and Katy Frame (the Reformed Whores)
- Donald Trump piñata bashing.

Live SBD mix + DPA 4021 > SD Mixpre-6 @ 48 kHZ/24 bit
All post production with Logic Pro X
Recorded by D. Fries
I wasn't looking too good but I was feeling real well
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