2023 Nuci's/Homecoming fundraiser and DVD/Blu-Ray offer

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2023 Nuci's/Homecoming fundraiser and DVD/Blu-Ray offer

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Give to Nuci's Space here: https://secure.lglforms.com/form_engine ... f_EPOq-1yg

To learn how to receive our DVD/Blu-Ray as thanks for your gift, read on:


Dear Friends,

Last month I saw Patterson in NYC with a friend, who was attending her first solo show. From the already-in-motion opening theme, as driving as it is tender, through every lyric, every vocal expression, we were riveted to "The Ballad of Cecil McCobb," Patterson's tribute to Wes Freed.

HeAthens know moments like these: feeling suddenly alone in the song, not caring about crying in public, and feeling at the same time more present, connected, inspired, and alive than anyone could explain. I looked to my friend at the end of the song and felt it in her too.

Those of you who know me can guess what I said then: "Just wait till you go to Homecoming!" YES, Homecoming! And now (you know I'm counting) it's only 69 days away.

Together our community has endured its share of loss this past year... Perhaps more than its share. And there's so much more to this than my own sentences can express and honor.

I couldn’t be more grateful for our community's presence together… that amid so much loss, none of us, myself included, have to go it alone; that the community has grown, keeps growing, and more than ever keeps generating gratitude, presence, and giving forward—in more ways and higher amounts than ever—to Nuci’s Space. Donations of time and artwork (and of good old cash!), raffles, auctions, birthday gifts, sales of food and merch; there were so many avenues we took to get to our $60K total last year.

This year there will be still more—enthusiasm for supporting Nuci’s now extends year-round! Groups of us meet, brainstorm, and create new ways to fuel Nuci’s work caring for vulnerable people… people who need to know they're not going it alone either.

So many of us offer so much time, talent, and treasure. It’s that last of which I’m asking you for here. As always, your donation will get you a killer show that you can’t get anywhere else, last year’s Homecoming night 2, 4/7/2022 from the 40 Watt. And you can’t get it anywhere else because we HeAthens did it all. We filmed it (essentially *working* at a Homecoming show), recorded the audio for it, edited it, burned it, and will fulfill the order for it…together.

At that show last month, when Patterson introduced “The Ballad of Cecil McCobb,” he discussed setting out to write a song about Wes after he died. "...It was a dismal failure...," Patterson said,

"...because there's no way to fit that motherf*cker into a song!"

(I'm sure I wasn't the only one thinking: TRUTH.)

Patterson continued, "...so then the idea was to write a song that Wes would like, in fact, that he would love."

Such is the momentum that drives us forward together, that makes me excited to ask you to join me, Sarah, and this community in giving what you can, as much as you can, in support of Nuci’s Space.

Let's make something with these gifts that we would really like, in fact, LOVE.

Looking forward,


AKA uncle rickey

Thank you Luke for putting so succinctly into words how we all feel

Now for the 411

As already mentioned, we have an excellent show from night two (4/7/2022) of Homecoming.

We also have a bonus show of Jay Gonzalez doing a set of DBT songs. With guest appearances by Matt Lane and Brad Morgan


Birthday Boy, Righteous Path, Filthy and Fried, Shake and Pine, Shit Shots Count, Lookout Mountain, Made Up English Oceans, Rosemary With A Bible and a Gun, Slow Ride Argument, Billy Ringo in the Dark, When The Pin Hits The Shell, Do It Yourself, Where The Devil Don’t Stay, Tornadoes, Kinky Hypocrite, Mercy Buckets, Women Without Whiskey, Bulldozers and Dirt
Plastic Flowers on the Highway, Three Dimes Down, Welcome 2 Club XIII, Every Single Storied Flameout, The Driver, Marry Me (David Barbe, guitar)
Grand Canyon (David Barbe, Tyler Eaves, guitars)


My Sweet Annette, (It's gonna be) I told you so, Santa FE, Tough to let go, Space City, Perfect Timing, Primer Coat, Heathens, Danko/Manuel, Late for Church, Cartoon Gold, Why Henry Drinks, Assholes, Eyes Like Glue, Dancin' Rickey, I'm Sorry Huston, Natural Light, Birthday Boy, I Do Believe, Mercy Buckets



Obtaining your discs is a TWO STEP PROCESS

STEP ONE: Donate to Nucis

A $30 minimum donation for the dvd

A $35 minimum donation for the Blu-ray

you can do that below
This link allows you to choose between Paypal or Credit Card

https://secure.lglforms.com/form_engine ... f_EPOq-1yg

If you're sending a check, make sure you include "3DD" and your user name (if you have one) in the memo line!

Mail it to:

Nuci's Space
396 Oconee Street
Athens, GA 30601

NB--Due to increase in costs, the discs will be shipped in paper sleeves.

Don't forget STEP TWO



S&H for the DVD is $6.50

S&H for the BLURAY is $7.50

pay me via Paypal or Venmo--

My Paypal address is jonicont@aol.com

My Venmo address is @John-Contovasilis-1

Or you can send me a check (Email me (jonicont@threedimesdown.com) for my address)

We appreciate folks who put in a little extra for the S&H but please pay the exact amount. That indicates whether you want a bluray or dvd.

Thanks to everyone who donated last year.

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Re: 2023 Nuci's/Homecoming fundraiser and DVD/Blu-Ray offer

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Over 150 views in about 8 hours. These days, that's a very impressive number and I hope it's indicative of the continuing enthusiam for supporting Nuci's. As always, thanks to those involved in putting this, and all the fundraisers, together. I will make my contribution this week.
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Re: 2023 Nuci's/Homecoming fundraiser and DVD/Blu-Ray offer

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