Cooley on The Moment (podcast)

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Cooley on The Moment (podcast)

Post by Prof »

Hey Friends and Neighbors,
The latest episode of "The Moment" by Brian Koppelman (Billions writer and producer) has an interview with Mike Cooley. ... 0465246145

I've been listening to "The Moment" for a number of years. He's done a lot of really great interviews with musicians, writers and other creative folks.

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Re: Cooley on The Moment (podcast)

Post by Rocky »

Thanks for posting the link to this.

Koppelman doesn't seem like a douche and he really likes Carl Perkins' Cadillac (as do I).
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Re: Cooley on The Moment (podcast)

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Koppelman also has a podcast with Patterson from 2017 that's every bit as good as the Cooley one. I believe he has one with Isbell as well, have't listened to that one yet though.

Also - a Prof sighting! 8-)
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