North of the Border

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Re: North of the Border

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gepman wrote:Tom,

Big thanks for recording and posting these shows.
I spent the weekend going through all 3. Ferocious is the best way I can describe them. I can't figure out which night was my favorite.
They felt like Homecoming type shows.
After a lot of listening back (I think) Night 2 has won it for me. But a tough call. They brought it big time all 3 nights.

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Re: North of the Border

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boyyourself wrote:Those were the Canadian coming shows

:lol: :lol: :lol:

I think you may have left out a key word there
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Re: North of the Border

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One year ago today was the start of this legendary run at Lee's Palace in Toronto. Outstanding shows and great times with the Heathens before and after each night.

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Re: North of the Border

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here here Zip. Those were the days.

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