HOGS Charleston!

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Penny Lane
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HOGS Charleston!

Post by Penny Lane »

In my blood, there's gasoline..

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Re: HOGS Charleston!

Post by beantownbubba »

Sounds like hog heaven to me.
Shut up and vote.

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Re: HOGS Charleston!

Post by Gaetzi »

BBQ, brown liquor and the Drive by Truckers.. Does it get any more American than that?!
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pbr man
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Re: HOGS Charleston!

Post by pbr man »


English Oceans
The Righteous Path
Gravity's Gone
Pauline Hawkins
Get Downtown
Man I Shot
Ghost 2 Most
Sounds Better in a Song
Marry Me
Lookout Mountain
First Day of Autumn
(Something's Got to) Give Pretty Soon
Shit Shots Count
Grand Canyon

How could it go wrong with PBR, BBQ, and DBT

uncle rickey
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Re: HOGS Charleston!

Post by uncle rickey »

pbr man wrote:How could it go wrong with PBR, BBQ, and DBT

These are a few of my fav-o-rite things.

Thanks for posting. Wish I were there.

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Re: HOGS Charleston!

Post by moedbt »

fun show, great event, great setting. DBT, BBQ, Sweetwater IPA all day

and a recording:

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